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Our Practitioner:

Rolfing. AnnaBCrop

Anna Bonetto
Western Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy)
Rolfing™ Structural Integration

• RolfingTM Structural Integration is a bodywork technique based on myofascial manipulation and movement education. In a RolfingTM session there is time to listen at your story and your needs, to look at the way you stand, breath and walk, to explore areas of tension, pain or movement’s restriction. The treatment consists in hands-on work targeting the 'fascia' (the highly innervated tissue that wraps around bones, muscles and organs and give the body the shape it has) and movement education. Moving more freely and efficiently often means freedom from pain and fatigue, and a better capacity to cope with life challenges, be it a painful condition, a stressful job or an athletic performance.

Rolfing can help both adult and children with aspect of many conditions such as scoliosis, low back pain, other joint/muscle/spine issues, postural issues, recovery from injuries, developmental issue in children, trauma and more. Athletes and dancers use Rolfing to improve their performance, some psychotherapists also use Rolfing for their clients to help them embody the changes happening in therapy.

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