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Chinese & Western Herbal Medicine

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Chinese & Western Herbal Medicine. MaggieThumb

Maggie Bavington
Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese & Western Herbal Medicine. AnnaBCrop

Anna Bonetto
Western Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy)
Rolfing™ Structural Integration

• Chinese herbal medicine is different to other forms of herbalism because it focuses on patterns of imbalance in the whole person, and seeks the root causes that underlie symptoms. Ancient practitioners of classical Chinese medicine are renowned for the elegance and balance of their herbal formulas, which aim to restore normal function with the smallest number of ingredients and without causing side effects. Many of the ingredients are things we might make a drink with or use in cooking; liquorice, barley, spring onion, mint, ginger, to name a few. Even ginseng, angelica and goji berries have become a familiar sight in health food shops.

Herbal medicine is often used alongside acupuncture, and it can be used alongside other therapies. You might be having acupuncture or another therapy once a week, but herbal medicine is something you take every day. It is good value too, a week’s supply costs £25

Western Herbal Medicine (or Phytotherapy) studies the properties of medicinal plants used as herbal medicines or remedies. Herbal remedies are extract from plants (or part of them, such as roots, berries, leaves, etc...) e.g. in the form of alcoholic or non-alcoholic liquid, syrups, tablets and creams. A trained Phytotherapist usually combines them in a unique formulation for each patient.

Herbal remedies can be used both to help in the treatment and prevention of many conditions, as well as to support health and wellbeing. Modern phytotherapy integrates the knowledge gathered in a millenary tradition of using plants to treat ailments across the world, with the most up-to-date clinical and pharmacological research.

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