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Herbal Medicine

Maggie our Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner has 19 years experience as an acupuncturist, and graduated with a Masters Degree in Chinese Herbal Medicine in 2011.

Pieter our Western Herbal Medicine practitioner uses plant based medicines, some utilising plants he's grown himself, to provide treatment specific to each persons' issue.

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Our reception team can be reached for bookings on 0203 022 5892. If you'd like to know more about this therapy and whether it can help with your issue, then give them a call, and if necessary they can arrange for Maggie or Pieter to contact you to answer more complex enquires.

Our Practitioners:

Herbal Medicine. Our-Therapies-Herbal-Medicine-Maggie-Bavington

Maggie Bavington
Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine. Our-Therapies-Herbal-Medicine-Pieter-Miering

Pieter Meiring
Western Herbal Medicine
Myofascial Release

Chinese herbal medicine is different to other forms of herbalism because it focuses on patterns of imbalance in the whole person, and seeks the root causes that underlie symptoms. Chinese herbalism is an ancient tradition known for its delicately balanced herbal formulas, which aim to use the minimal amount to ingredients for the best healing impact with no side effects. Ingredients used are familiar to many people today and used in cooking, such as barley, spring onion, mint, liquorice and ginger.

This form of herbalism can be part of an integrated approach alongside acupuncture. While Chinese acupuncture may be given on a weekly basis, herbal medicines rely on daily dosages. It is good value as a week’s supply costs £25.

Western Herbal Medicine
Throughout the world and for many thousands of years people have used plants to treat ailments. Plants contain biochemical compounds that have a great affinity with our bodies, allowing them to act in a gentle, yet powerful way to support the body during the healing process. Herbal Medicine can be effective for both acute and long-term chronic conditions and its gentleness makes it a welcome option for people of all ages.Read more about herbal medicine at kmherbalists.co.uk/herbs.

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