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Profile - David Taylor

About David
David has worked as a hypnotherapist in Bethnal Green for several years and lived in the area for longer. After working as an English teacher in Japan, returning to England for a Masters degree, and teaching again in New York in his twenties, David settled in London and pursued his interest in psychology and self development into training and practicing as a therapist, including four years' placement as a counsellor in a GP practice. Also working in private practice elsewhere in London, David brings a wide range of skills and experience and an empathic, personal approach.

How I work
Solution-focused, or Contemporary Psychotherapy focuses especially on the immediate needs of the client as well as history and causation, for their short and long term wellbeing, management of their condition or situation, recovery and personal development.

My practice integrates Hypnotherapy and Systemic NLP among other contemporary approaches. “Systemic” indicates that all aspects of people’s experience are attended to: cognitive, emotional, language and physiology – their “map of the world”. Particular therapeutic techniques, very often hypnotherapeutic, are then applied to effect change and reach outcomes, often in a relatively short space of time (hence, “solution-focused”) but also managed over an appropriate period of time for each client. Hypnosis is generated naturally, through focused attention and relaxation, and encourages creativity and novel awareness of problem situations and solutions.

Areas covered include: anxiety, depression, confidence and motivation, phobias, smoking, eating patterns, nail-biting, blushing and other related issues.

• Contemporary Psychotherapy Advanced Diploma, BeeLeaf Institute, April 2013
• Contemporary Psychotherapy Diploma, incl. NLP Master Practitioner, BeeLeaf Institute, June 2009
• Advanced Practitioner’s Certificate in Clinical & Strategic Hypnosis, BST Foundation, May 2008
• Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis BST Foundation, June 2007 Professional Registration

• UKCP Registered
• Accredited Membership of the Community for Contemporary Psychotherapy

For further information and to book an appointment please refer to www.davidtaylor-hypnotherapy.com or you can ring David on 07507 601 987, or email [email protected] .

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